1. Research Festival in Simmering


09.11.2018 | 10:00 - 15:00
Science Pool, Hauffgasse 4 und 4a, 1110 Wien

On 9th of November Smarter Together organizes together wirh the Science Pool the 1. Research Festival in Simmering.

What's about?

Kids and youngsters can become explorers and discoverers themselves at the Simmering Research Festival. There is the possibility to try many Dinke self and test yourself. Among other things, you can model 3D landscapes, print edible 3D pancakes and fly with a VR plane over mountains and valleys

Just drop by, join in and try it out!

Free admission!

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Smarter Together

The City of Vienna and numerous partners and companies developed trend-setting Smart City solutions in Simmering - Vienna. Together with the people on site!