Gewerbehof Seestadt: Guided tour



06.09.2022 | 16:00 - 17:30
Gewerbehof Seestadt, Mela-Köhler-Straße 10, 1220 Wien

The Gewerbehof Seestadt is a new center for trade, production and crafts that will start operations in fall 2022 and will be implemented by the Vienna Business Agency. The project stands for a pioneering model for the Productive City, where living and working in close proximity contribute to sustainable urban development - the IBA special tour offers first insights into the pioneering project.

How can production and living function in close proximity? What challenges are associated with the theme of "productive city"? What does a modern commercial center in the city need? The Vienna Business Agency has addressed all these questions and initiated and implemented a pioneering project for production and crafts. Starting in the fall of 2022, the Gewerbehof Seestadt will be a building where small and medium-sized enterprises can produce at all levels. For a good coexistence with the directly adjacent residential buildings, the entire infrastructure is organized underground. The building meets all the requirements for space, delivery, infrastructure and energy supply that manufacturing companies need. Around 40 companies will operate in the Seestadt industrial park in the future. Together with the immediate neighborhood, the project represents a forward-looking model in the interplay of living and working in a modern and sustainable city.

Language: This event will be held in German.

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