„anton + elisabeth“, Cooperative living in Sülz

Partner city: Cologne

Sülzgürtel 41-49, Elisabeth-von-Mumm Platz 2-6, Münstereifeler Straße 57-59e, Anton-Antweiler-Str. 2-4
50937 Köln

The housing project "anton + elisabeth" is a village in the city. It is composed of new buildings, listed existing buildings and the listed church building (formerly consecrated under the name "zur heiligen Familie"), which forms the center of the new urban neighborhood on the former children's home site in Cologne-Sülz. The deconsecrated church now hosts private as well as public events. A wide range of housing typologies, as well as offers for special residential groups in combination with offices, medical practices, day care, gastronomy and an overbuilt food market are the basis for a lively and diverse neighborhood "of short distances".

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The former children's home site with its seven construction fields and the church is being transformed into a new urban neighborhood and center of attraction between the shopping areas of Hermeskeiler Platz and Sülzburgstrasse, and the market towns of Auerbachplatz and Klettenberggürtel. The site is and remains a defining element of the Sülz district. Its good location continues to make it an eye-catcher of the Veedel.

In the ensemble with its listed buildings, the church and the new buildings, the Cologne architectural firm NPA (nebel pössl Architekten) has designed a neighborhood consisting of residential space and commercial infrastructure. The focus of the new development is on 80 subsidized and 67 privately financed residential units.

The residential units, consisting of age-appropriate apartments, small apartments, student apartments, family apartments and group apartments for senior citizens and people with physical and mental disabilities, are complemented by the appropriate infrastructure. Among other things, a branch of the supermarket chain "REWE" has been built, as well as medical practices, a day care facility, a day care center for children, a restaurant, a meeting place, and the new office of the housing cooperative "Wohnungsgenossenschaft Köln-Sülz".
The different types of housing are mixed in all parts of the building. The goal is for "age-appropriate living" and "young living" to benefit from living together. Interaction between tenants is encouraged by this mixing, which underscores the cooperative character of the new neighborhood.
A number of common rooms underscore the cooperative principle and strengthen residents' identification with their immediate urban environment.