The Cooperative Building Land Model Cologne

Partner city: Cologne

Stadt Köln, Stadtplanungsamt
50679 Köln

Cologne is a growing city with over a million inhabitants. This is putting enormous pressure on the housing market, as is the case in all major cities, with rising prices. At the same time, the supply of affordable housing is declining significantly, as the occupancy obligation for publicly subsidized housing is gradually expiring.

One goal of Cologne's housing policy is therefore to increase the supply of affordable housing. Housing represents a basic need and is at the same time a central location factor in the competition between cities.

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In 2014, the Council introduced the Cooperative Building Land Model as an important instrument for implementing the housing policy goals in Cologne. It obliges builders, investors and developers to build 30 percent of the apartments in the publicly subsidized segment in planning projects that require development planning, provided that more than 20 residential units are created. At the same time, they are being made more responsible for contributing to the causal follow-up costs of their projects. This applies, for example, to daycare centers, green spaces and playgrounds.

With the update of the Cooperative Building Land Model in 2017, the application is once again strengthened by a simplification of the appropriateness test.