From Seestadt with love: photo presentation and slide show evening



04.07.2022 | 19:00 - 21:00
Meetingpoint: Atrium, Kulturgarage, Am-Ostrom-Park 18, 1220 Wien

Photojournalist Luiza Puiu, who lives in the Seestadt, continuously documents life in the Seestadt. In doing so, she focuses her gaze on the people and their relationship to public space. Between the Pionierquartier and the "Am Seebogen" neighborhood, she documents the district in the making against the constantly growing backdrop of new buildings. What was recently an urban development concept is now a place of childhood, residence, workplace and sometimes a perceived vacation spot. The evening will be opened by urban researcher Cornelia Dlabaja.

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The "Kulturgarage" brings culture to the suburbs and offers space for a variety of cultural events in the base area with the two-story event center.

Quartier "Am Seebogen"

After the pioneer and the Seepark neighborhood, the "Am Seebogen" neighborhood forms the third construction phase of Seestadt aspern and is the first on the north side of the lake.