How will we
live tomorrow?


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Neighborhoods, or Grätzel in Viennese German, form the hub for social interaction in a city and play a special role, which must therefore be constantly developed with just as much care. The issues of commercial zones, the supply of public transport, the possibilities for leisure activities, meeting places and working environments - all this is reflected in the neighborhood and is constantly in a state of flux. It makes a difference whether the children can walk to school - or not; whether one can sit down on a bench with the neighbor while shopping - or not; whether a tailor can rent a small space in the neighboring house - or not; whether a bed niche for a parent is available in the 2-room apartment over the weekend - or not; whether the youngsters are welcome between the buildings - or not... Neighborhood development has countless facets and contributes greatly to the quality of life in the neighborhood. This is why it also takes on a special significance in the frame of the IBA_Vienna.


Click here for the project overview. Within the framework of the IBA_Vienna, 9 districts and neighborhoods, each with several projects, as well as 15 individual projects are being worked on. In total, there are now more than 100 projects that are to be monitored further and completed by the presentation year 2022 in order to make the results visible to the public.




Living is not limited to one's own four walls and does not stop at the flat door. Just as building alone does not create a neighbourhood and many residential buildings do not make a district. This is the spirit in which the developer competition for Berresgasse was designed. With the aim of developing a sustainable, community-promoting neighbourhood, the IBA_Vienna accompanies and supports innovative concepts that are intended to have an effect beyond the building itself and into the neighbourhood. In this way, a new, diverse district is being created.

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The GrätzlGenossenschaft Hirschstetten-Berresgasse is a socially oriented, commercial service enterprise run jointly and self-managed by its members.

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Neu Leopoldau

The development in Neu Leopoldau follows the motto "Young Living" and includes around 1,255 flats, 70,000 m² for commercial space and a lot of open space. The focus here is on process coordination and realisation of child- and youth-friendly spatial design. Particular attention will be paid to open space planning, adapted forms of housing and exercise areas specially designed for children and young people. The mobility concept also refers to the topic of "Young Living".

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Ich brauche Platz!

A disused public bus becomes an experimental space for young people! From October 2019 to October 2020, the bus stopped in three IBA target areas and remained stationed there for two months each. The results were needs-oriented and socially integrative art and space research activities.

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The aim of the project was to develop a cohesive neighbourhood that connects neighbours across sites and supports their self-organisation. The community facilities can now be used by all residents in the neighbourhood!

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Quartier "Am Seebogen"

The focus of the developer competitions for the Am Seebogen neighbourhood was the topic of "Living and Working". The focus is on innovative ways of mixing uses, on contributions of housing to lively neighbourhood development, on community and social facilities, on new actors and generally on shifting the focus from building sites to neighbourhood development.

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Those who want to get a glimpse of the neighbourhood now can do so via VR. Just click here and walk through.


The Kulturgarage brings culture to the suburbs and offers space for a variety of cultural events in the basement area with the two-storey event centre.

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Forum Am Seebogen

The Forum Am Seebogen stands for an open-use townhouse that creates a link between living and working.

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Sponge City Concept

The sponge city concept opens up a field of experimentation in dealing with rainwater and for improving the microclimate.

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Neighbourhood workshops

Especially when a large number of actors are working on a joint product, a common thread as well as networking and coordination are needed. Wien 3420 aspern Development AG has therefore created the neighbourhood workshop format.

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Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel

South of Vienna's main railway station, a new city district is being built with around 5,500 flats for about 13,000 residents, 20,000 jobs, a school campus, office buildings and numerous shops, as well as a park of about 7 hectares. The entire new district is expected to be built and populated by 2022. In order to create an urban neighborhood in Sonnwendviertel Ost, new strategies were developed. Here, planners and developers had to jointly present innovative utilisation concepts in order to revitalise the district.

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MIO offers a wide range of possibilities - whether for living, working - or both in combination: 42 rental flats as well as condominiums and a wide variety of commercial and office spaces on two floors.

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Quartier "An der Schanze"

The developer competition An der Schanze, organised by wohnfonds_wien in cooperation with IBA_Wien, started in February 2019. In a two-stage, dialogue-oriented process, the foundations were laid for a new, lively urban quarter with high residential quality and an urban character. The dialogue between the actors and with the interested population was a key to good neighbourhood development. From this, affordable framework conditions with high quality for living and working could be further developed.

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Further exhibition elements

Drone Flights

Drone flights were carried out in many IBA neighbourhoods as part of the Interim Presentation.

Drone flights


Stories were recorded for all IBA neighbourhoods as part of the Interim Presentation. Please note, the audio-stories are in German only.



Postcards are available for all our neighbourhoods and individual candidates. Would you like to receive one or the other postcard in printed form? Then please send us a short e-Mail.


Architectural models

Architectural models play an essential role in the planning process, as they make ideas and concepts visible and tangible. In the exhibition "How will we live tomorrow?" the models were therefore an important building block to enable a holistic view of the project.